colour blocking

I feel that I’ve always had a fascination with colour spectrums and arranging objects in colour order, whether it’s the books on my bookshelf, clothes in my drawers, or my stationery. There is a sense of calm that flows over me when objects are arranged in a sweeping colour order. Just the act of arranging like with like, and seeing the end result may appear to some as a little OCD, but I hope that my work will resonate more positively with others. 

For a subject matter such as soft pastels that crumble easily, the protection from colour contamination with other pastels is paramount. It simply brings a little order to the welcomed ‘’chaos’’ that is the process of creating a soft pastel painting, for me. The storage box I keep my soft pastel sticks in had partitions pre-inserted, but I chose to add extra partitions in order to fit all the sticks inside. So every time I open the box, I am greeted with a wonderful view of colours that are grouped in the perfect way, and my enthusiasm for starting a new painting continues to grow.