First blog post/''Tuscany 1'' is finished!/A review of my work to date. [original timestamp: 28.05.16]

So after spending about 2 weeks working on this piece, I can finally say that I'm pleased with the end result, and that my skill of painting has improved.

There'd been a lot of oscillating in my head between painting landscapes and urban scenes, or just still life compositions. I did a lot of brainstorming; weighing up the pros and cons of both subject matters, as well as taking a look at the art industry itself. The majority of my paintings weren't good enough to sell, despite all the 'likes'. It seemed like I had basically been painting fragments of scenes, instead of full scenes that a broader audience could identify with. 

I've done some travelling throughout my life to various countries, and have always tried to document my findings (I don't particularly want myself to be visible in the shots, what matters more are the scenes I capture). Why not turn some of these into paintings? I'm not aiming for photorealism, but I want the viewer to really feel like they're stepping inside my paintings.

'Tuscany 1', 2016